“Cell Phone Repair with us is Now Open for business!”
At our retail locations, we offer the lowest prices on cell phone repairs. Our technicians are certified to repair any iPhone, Samsung, LG, Blackberry, Sony, ZTE, Nokia, or HTC cell phone. We guarantee our valuable customers a fast and quality repair. On fairly rare occasions due to no fault of our own, we may experience a delay on a certain repair as a consequence of an unavailable part, or that the part is back-ordered from the supplier warehouse. However, if a delay happens with your repair as a consequence of a back-ordered part, or a temporary out of stock part, we shall provide you with a 10% discount off the cost of  your repair, no exceptions! In addition to cell phone repairs, we repair iPad’s and tablets. Our cellular replacement parts are the highest in quality. In order to make sure your cellular is properly working, our technicians are instructed to perform a Free 13 point inspection. Upon the completion of each cellular repair, you will receive a 30 day warranty! For your patronage with us in repairing your cellular phone, you will have a choice between a Free case or a car plug for your repaired cellular phone. We invite your patronage to our cell phone repair store.



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